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How To Wear Your Boho Top Right

As opposed to bohemian and loose fitting maxi skirts, a boho top allows you to create a number of different stylish looks. Such tops are usually loose fitting and drop down to the waist. They give the wearer some degree of freedom in the sense that they are not too clingy and allow for plenty of movement. They also do not highlight flab or bulges if you are not too toned. These tops usually come in interesting ethnic, floral, tribal, geometric and vintage inspired prints. The underlining note is that they are very detailed and instantly rev up any boring outfit.  Pair a beautiful boho top with an amazing, stylish, bohemian headbands and you will impress.

A boho top can be worn with anything from skinny jeans to shorts, cargos, skirts and even on top of maxi dresses. Some tops are also embellished with flower motifs and jewels or metal detailing. Then there are tiedie tops in a variety of bright and bold colors, very reflective of the hippie culture from the 60s and 70s. They lend a sense of freedom and spirited essence to your overall ensemble, allowing the wearer to create unconventional and versatile looks. The best part however, is that these can also be paired with different accessories for creating non-bohemian styles with the rest of your wardrobe.

How to wear a boho top right?

Boho tops can be mixed and matched with a number of accessories and jewelry to create looks that are very definitive of the wearer’s personality. Whether you are a lover of rugged, outlandish looks or refined and classy styles, you can mold them anyway, the choice is yours. If you love accessories and jewelry, you could use them to create your favorite personal fashion styles. Here are three very popular looks that you could create with a boho top.

  • If you love sweet and dainty looks, you could go for tops with more feminine touches like lace, embroidery, and frills. These tops can come as short tops, hanging down to the waist or slightly longer so that you could wear them as tunics over leggings or capris. You could highlight the look further by going for delicate hippie headbands and braided hairstyles.
  • If you love glamorous looks, avoid the frills and lace. You could instead go for the classier option like solid muted colors like gold, bronze or off white. The best part is that wearing a minimalist boho top allows you to play around with the jewelry. You could wear chunkier metal earrings and statement necklaces that will immediately convert your outfit from a simple to sophisticated one. You can further add sophistication by wearing faux leather jackets.
  • If you love the rugged look, match your boho top with rugged and well-worn jeans. You could also play around with prints. Complete the look with denim or suede jackets and loose hair. This will instantly give you a cool and edgy look. Rugged looks work best with leather ankle boots in neutral colors like light or dark brown. It’s up to you whether you want to go for the frilled or the non-frilled ones. However, note that frilled ankle boots generally impart a very dainty touch to your ensemble.

5 Spring Trends To Follow

Spring is almost here and it’s time to make some new additions to your wardrobe. Let this year’s spring fashion be a little different than the last one. We are not suggesting a complete fashion overhaul, but a more evolved one would be better. The core element of fashion is expression and your style should always be indicative of the time you are living in. Chokers and waist long pendants are things of the past; don’t be repetitive or it will kill the essence of constantly evolving fashion. After careful consideration we have chosen the following trends to help you nail the fresh and chic spring look while being on the safe side. Cheap Bohemian Attire can be easy to find with a little research and some patients. Check out the looks below we put together.

    1.  Off shoulder

Off the shoulder tops are getting sexier by the day. This fashion trend allows you to show off your enviable shoulders without making the look too vulgar. You can either go for one bare shoulder or both bare. If you are up for a strictly bohemian look, you can go for embroideries and the typical peasant style tops.

    2.  Bright stripes

Stripes always resemble a playful personality and what better time to wear it than spring. Add some bright stripes to your wardrobe. Neon stripes like parrot green, orange, red and yellow will work best if you are not afraid to go a little bold. If you want a more subdued look, go for matte colors. You can also wear long maxi dresses and pants with black horizontal stripes; helping to enhance your spring look.

    3.  Glamorous look

To create a glamorous look, wear skin fit ankle length pants and pleated skirts with sleek high heels. Go for dresses that will show off your natural curves. You can pair these with lightweight blazers and faux fur jackets. This look will immediately set you apart in a crowd. Glossy jackets are also set to be quite popular this spring. Stick to darker and matte colors to increase the glamor quotient.

    4.  Shirts

Shirts keep coming and going. You may not be very excited at the prospects of wearing a shirt during the spring, but remember that getting a little bit innovative will take this underrated garment to a whole new level. There are so many different things you can do with shirts, especially given the wide range of choices you have. You can go for sheer ones, floral or army prints, the army prints, stripes, and so much more. Pick the one that rests just above your waist. This will keep your figure from looking slouchy and covered up. Wearing well-fitted shirts with hipster jeans also works .

    5.  Words

People have always worn garments printed with words. If you have not tried this out yet, then spring is the safest time to wear one. This will lend a very casual and laid back touch to your look, making you look very much in tune with the season

Bohemian shopping tips

Easy to follow Bohemian shopping tips

Every shop online nowadays gets new visitors due to the most impressive and expected things availability. On the other hand, bohemians worldwide are different in terms of their appearance, shopping, lifestyle and other things. They do not like to visit a local boho boutique and buy ordinary dresses, jewelry, sandals, watches etc. They search the most reliable online boutiques, specially designed for Bohemian Shopping. They can read unbiased reviews of the most reliable and suggested bohemian shops and make a decision based on what others have experienced. Many shoppers in today’s world rely on other’s opinions and reviews to help them make a decision.  A boutique that has no reviews will have a tough time selling products as there is no trust here.  The more reviews and the more images uploaded from a past shopper will help persuade ones decision.

If you love casual and creative clothing, then you can directly explore bohemian clothing collection online. You will get more options online then you would in a local store and be keen to upgrade your wardrobe within your budget. A convenient method to select and buy the right clothing online gives you a wide range of benefits. You have to decide on your budget and make certain about your requirements on the bohemian shopping issues before exploring the most modern things in reputable online shops.

Bohemians of every age group wish to create the most distinctive art and make their wardrobe special in all aspects. They look to stand out with the unique look that they have created.  They have decided to use the first-class resources online and enhance everything in their routine life. Even though they listen to music, watch movies and read books, they do not fail to be different in their lifestyle in terms of selection of the most distinctive things day after day.

The latest bohemian jewelry, clothing and trendy accessories give ever-increasing interests to every bohemian towards shopping. You can listen to reviews of online shops and testimonials of customers of such shops online. You will make an informed decision and get 100% satisfaction about your shopping issues.